Directed by Veit Helmer
Produced by Veit Helmer
82 min/2014/Germany
German with English subtitles

Screening Times:

Thursday, October 8 at 3:45pm

Sunday, October 11 at 1:30pm  

The colorful village of Bollersdorf lies directly between northern and southern Germany, earning it the nickname “the belly button of the world,” and by all accounts is considered 100% average. Due to the town’s overwhelming normalness, a consumer studies company named GFK has set up its headquarters in the village square, from which it tests out its increasingly bizarre new products such as Green Corn Flakes and Blutella on the easily influenced public. But to the group of resourceful, rambunctious young children known as the Coati Gang, average is a dirty word, and they bemoan the fact that their grandparents have all been unceremoniously dumped into nursing homes as a result of their youthful, overactive imaginations and past careers as stunt pilots, bold mountaineers, and rocket car inventors. When the Coati Gang happens upon a book of world records, they get inspired and decide to break the village of its monotony through whatever means necessary.